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Tampa Florida Has a Lot to Offer New Residents

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2854221513_c3774cc141The Tampa Bay area offers all the best attributes of Florida living from spectacular beaches to world-class, family-friendly attractions, and now is a perfect time to make the move to Cigar City as the slowly recovering local market continues to offer prices favorable to buyers. Though the buyer’s market is certainly attractive to investors, new residents enjoy the inherent benefits of living in one of Florida’s most vibrant areas.

The housing market collapse of recent years hit Tampa Florida particularly hard, causing some of the highest rates of bank foreclosures and equity shortfalls in the country. As a consequence of these conditions, the Tampa Short Sales market remains active as residents take more drastic measures to avoid property seizures and personal bankruptcy. As time has passed, however, the number of short sale transactions has dropped as more balance returns to the Tampa Real Estate market and median home price has risen to its highest mark in over five years.

Though the advantageous market conditions make home buying in Tampa more appealing from a financial standpoint, the area itself offers the greatest incentive for becoming a resident. With nearby St. Pete’s Beach, Clearwater and other neighboring coastal communities, the area boasts some of Florida’s most picturesque and best maintained beaches, and the year-round warmth and sunshine is always a selling point for those looking to escape bone-chilling winters further north. These natural benefits coupled with a competitive economy and an outstanding variety of family-friendly attractions like Busch Gardens Tampa, Adventure Island waterpark and the Lowry Park Zoo make Tampa a community that appeals to all age groups and income levels.

New residents also take advantage of getting more room for their dollar, as average homes in the area have more living space than ever, reflecting the nationwide trend. Fortunately, the increase in square footage is not accompanied by an excess of exclusivity, and according to one Tampa Blog, cost of living is more than twenty percent lower than the national average.

While the rally in prices and equity has made this a good time for Tampa real estate, it’s an even better time to become a resident and start become a part of one of Florida’s most all-American cities.

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Breathing Room for the Tampa Real Estate Market

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11705392445_86c98890bcAfter a sustained upswing in home sales and median home prices, Tampa has finally gotten a break from the bleak streak of mounting foreclosures and overinflated prices of the past decade. Though it’s far too soon to claim rough times to be over, there has been positive movement that has allowed many residents to long awaited opportunity to find a way out of steep mortgages. More than 35,000 homes were sold during 2013, the most since 2005, and at $155,000 the median home price rose to its highest mark since 2008.

This mini-boom in Tampa Real Estate has been mostly driven by a very limited supply, which has not only prompted sales and value increases for existing properties, but has also inspired builders to take on new construction projects. Between 2012 and 2013 more than 100,000 homes regained equity after having been worth less then their mortgages, and more than 6,000 new single-family homes were built during the same period. All of this is especially good news for a community struggling to overcome one of the nation’s highest rates of foreclosure and negative home equity.

One of the most positive aspects of the surge is the kind of sales being made. In recent years, Tampa Short Sales have been an unfortunate norm for homeowners desperate for ways out from under insurmountable gaps between mortgage costs and home equity. With more residents coming out ahead on sales, Tampa Businesses also enjoy a boost in profits from the influx of new homeowners and those whose sales have provided them with more disposable income.

As any Tampa Realtor may tell you, it’s still definitely a buyer’s market, and many challenges remain before the area fully emerges from the bust times. One threat to a continued climb comes in the form of rising costs for flood insurance, and some analysts warn that, because of the relative high number of sales to investors, the positive numbers are a bit conflated.

Time will tell if the promising figures of 2013 will lead to continued recovery, but the benefit to local buyers and sellers has provided a much needed breath of fresh air.

February 10, 2014 at 6:49 am

Making the Play in Tampa Bay

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5077915187_d7f25fe965Tampa’s legacy as a contender in major league sports grows ever richer, and both teams and fans have a lot to look forward to in years to come. From Super Bowl rings to the Stanley Cup, Tampa’s athletics franchises have come of age and are woven deeply into the fabric of the city.

As the oldest major league team in the city, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are perhaps the most widely known and beloved to fans. After years of floundering and losing seasons since joining the NFL as an expansion team in 1976, the Bucs finally took home a Lombardi Trophy in 2002 and have consistently posted solid seasons ever since. The modern and accommodating Raymond James Stadium is one of the finest in the league, replete with cannons fire after every Buccaneers touchdown.

The Tampa Bay Rays are the youngest major league franchise in the city, and the only one still lacking a world championship victory. However, with division titles and American League pennant wins in recent years, the team has proven itself as a constant contender playing at the highest level. With plans to move the Rays from Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg to a site closer to central Tampa, the organization and its fans stand to benefit from a new and attractive facility, and Tampa Businesses will enjoy the boost to the local economy.

Though games on ice may seem out of place in the tropical heat of the Sunshine State, the Tampa Bay Lightning bring the best of the NHL to the heart of the city at the Tampa Bay Times Forum in the Channelside district downtown. After their start as an expansion team in 1992 the Lightning slowly surged until winning the Stanley Cup in 2004 and securing Tampa’s membership among hockey’s greatest cities.

In addition to the enjoyment and entertainment they provide, the teams offer a variety of benefits to Tampa businesses. Some estimates claim that the popularity of Rays baseball alone generates more than $100 million to local businesses each season. The revenue generated from visitors to the city whose primary purpose is to watch a game comprises a vital portion of Tampa’s tourism industry, and the teams’ appearances on the national stage gains the focus of potential visitors.

From the joy and excitement for fans to a boon for local businesses, major league sports in Tampa Florida are a win-win for everyone.

January 4, 2014 at 7:41 pm

Steps to Buy a Home in Tampa

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tampa_real_estateThere is no better time to invest in yourself than now and no better way to invest in yourself and your future than to purchase a home. If you are thinking of purchasing a home in the Tampa Bay Area we have eight easy steps for you to take to own your own home.

  1. 1.       Make the decision to become a home owner

You are renting a home, which is paying another person’s mortgage or investing in their property, why not use that money to invest in yourself? Most home loans are cheaper than renting someone else’s home. Credit and a down payment are no longer giant obstacles in buying a home, so don’t let that hinder your decision.

  1. 2.       Chose a real estate company or agent for you

Choose someone that is knowledgeable in the area that best suits your needs whether it is foreclosures, flexible credit and down payment, an all in one company that will help with every aspect, or short sales. Most agents can do any of these tasks, but if you choose an agent that specializes in your interests they will know more tips and be more helpful to you.

  1. 3.       Get preapproved for your home loan

Find a financial institute or bank that will work with you and help you to set a budget that you can afford up front so that you don’t run into glitches in this area that cause another offer to be accepted on your dream home. This will also narrow down properties to look at by creating a rough price of your new home that you can afford.

  1. 4.       Start looking for the perfect new property

There are a lot of list making in this step. Where would you like to live? How big would you like your new home to be? You have to decide on the amount of floors, number of bathrooms, bedrooms, what amenities you have to have and which ones you can live without. There is a lot of compromise in finding your new home, but there is also a lot of important considerations that you need to make to be sure that you find your dream home, not just any home. It is your investment.

  1. 5.       Make an offer on your new property

Your realtor will help you make an offer and any counter offers or compromises that need to be communicated. Making an offer does not mean that you have the house.

  1. 6.       Ask a lot of questions and have the property thoroughly vetted

You do not want a home that will go down in value, has termites, or has more structural damage than you can or are willing to invest in fixing.

  1. 7.       Close the deal

Your offer is accepted, closing costs are paid, and you have the keys to your new home and can move in.

  1. 8.       Protect your new home, you own it!

Fix problems as they arrive, keep paint and landscaping up, keep insurance on your property, and make sure that you take care of your new home. You do not have a landlord that can fix a problem, and most problems continuously grow into larger problems.

December 28, 2013 at 7:40 pm

Tampa Businesses

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tampa_floridaYou are in the Tampa area, whether for vacation, a visit to family members or friends, or because you live here. You have many consumer needs that require businesses or establishments in the area and you are unfamiliar with them. We have created a list of different businesses in the Tampa Bay Area that are easily accessible and important for you.

Shopping Centers and Shopping Malls like the International Mall, Yvor City, and Bells Clothing stores are available so that you can purchase clothing, arts, and any other item you may need for your person or home.

Major Medical Care in the Tampa Area include Mortan Plant Hospitals and St. Joseph’s Woman’s clinics.

Transportation is how you get from point a to point b. Tampa has the Hart Line bus system, car rental and purchasing centers, Amtrak, and the Tampa International Airport.

Grocery Stores like the Publix chain and the vast array of farmer’s markets where you can buy locally grown produce.

Education like public schools and the local college is Southern Florida University, which is an integral part of the community.

Police, Fire, and EMS are important and you should save the number in your phones in case of an emergency.

Entertainment and tourist attractions make up a lot of the business in Tampa. We have the original Krispy Kreme Donuts and Hooters, Hard Rock Casino, Tampa Theater, Busch Gardens, Kapok Tree Event Center, Clearwater Beach, Ybor City, bike and canoe rentals, Winghouse, Ghost tours, The Cigar factory, various museums, Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks, and different animal attractions like the Big Cat Rescue, dolphin and manatee watches, and the aquarium.

There are many businesses in the Tampa area to visit and take care of your needs. The hope is that this list will be a good starting point in having you acquainted to the area around you so that you can enjoy the full experience of Tampa while you are here visiting, or in your daily life in your city.

December 21, 2013 at 7:38 pm

Short Sale Insights for Tampa Bay

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Tamp Bay is a gorgeous place to live your life. Many people vacation here every year and tampa_short_salemany do not want to go back home! Why not fix that issue? Why not make Tampa Bay your home with a Tampa short sale in endless communities that offer grade “A” schools, endless eateries, and awesome entertainment?

Tampa Short Sales are the best of both worlds. A short sale is a sale of real estate in which the owner is trying to make a fast sale. It normally favors the buyer in many regards and can be a great way to find that perfect house for you and your family. Tampa short sales are a great alternative to foreclosures s on the seller.

Tampa Bay has many reality offices, brokers, and endless people waiting around for you to pick up the phone and call. A simple search on Google for Tampa Bay Short Sales brings up countless areas steals on elegant, multiple story, and pristine homes and at amazing prices. While you are scrolling the online ads and making your lists of properties to look at; don’t commit one of the top 5 common buyers’ mistakes.

Tampa short sales are most often an amazing deal and an easy way to get your slice of paradise, but beware of some mistakes buyers are quick to make. When scoping out the property in person, keep an eye on the surroundings. Do not ignore any property problems. When choosing your dream home from a list of Tampa short sales, do not skip the home inspection! Make sure you keep documentation of everything before the sell is finalized.

Ignoring the legal and insurance information can cause serious problems for a buyer. Make sure you research to see if the home is in a flood area, or if anything comes up that could have you paying thousands more than anticipated. A short sale does not mean it will close any faster than a foreclosure. Don’t rush this process. Take this time to make sure all of your paperwork is in order; you have researched all you can and needed to, and are happy with this decision.

Lastly, even if moving here has been a dream of yours forever, don’t fall for a bad home. Home ownership is a huge step and being locked into a bad house is not part of the glory. Online research, talking to professionals, and being diligent about your future home can all ensure that getting a Tampa short sale is a smart and profitable step to your future.

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